Bad Pictures of My Mediocre Art

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Kai. NSFW. A cat lady without cats. Feminist killjoy. Queer lady. Kicking ass in Calgary. Living in analogue and digital.
I make collages and doodle and take photos mostly on film but often with my iphn. I will fill your feed with all kinds of stuff.

Cameras: iphn 3gs; iphn 4s; Diana F+ (with instaback); Fisheye no. 2; Diana F+ Mini, LC-A (with instaback)
Film: Fuji instax, Polaroid (any I can find), lomography color negative 35 mm, lomography 120

    I was powerless to resist it. #hemp #thebodyshop (Taken with instagram)

    I was powerless to resist it. #hemp #thebodyshop (Taken with instagram)

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    #hemp  #thebodyshop  #hemp leaf  #hemp body products  #impulse buy  #stash tin?  #instagram 
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