Bad Pictures of My Mediocre Art

Bad Pictures of My Mediocre Art

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The last two weeks have been really tough at work.

Some of it is beyond my control (not my fault) and some of it is within my control but wasn’t under control (my fault) and some of it was reactions to everything else (mixed). The work keeps coming in, the closer I get to the end of my contract (two weeks!) the less confident I am in a renewal (and the angrier I get at myself for not looking for another position sooner) and today’s employee development on service culture & engagement was intensely discouraging. My boss actually tried to send me home at lunch but I was interested (key to engagement!) so I went back and wish I hadn’t.

I’m going to smoke some weed about it and look forward to great weekend. I feel like such an emo kid that I was going to turn on Garden State but I realized that Always Sunny would do way more good.

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